Online Stopwatch

Online Stopwatch (chronometer) to mark time intervals. You can use it in several different situations.

Counts in milliseconds the time passed after you click the Start button.


Online Stopwatch

With this online timer, you can control how long it takes to complete a task or the duration of any activity. You can use it in different situations. For example, it can be a useful tool for planning and practicing school or work presentations when you or your team have limited time.

If it's for study, you can measure how much time you dedicate to each subject. For sports practice, it can be used to measure the time of your training.

How to use the online stopwatch?

This online stopwatch has a simple and intuitive layout, ensuring that anyone can use it right away without wasting time. Press (Start) to let the clock run. If you want to stop the timer just press stop or if you prefer to restart just press the reset button. You can use the option to set this timer to full screen mode.

About the stopwatch

It is a stopwatch that measures time from start to finish.

Stopwatches are commonly used in sports where the clock must be stopped to guarantee the accumulated playing time in certain situations (basketball, handball, etc.), and in closed motorsports for time laps.

Traditionally, stopwatches only have two buttons: one to start and stop the clock, and one to reset. This works for portable and digital timers on computers and cell phones.

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