Online Timer

Online timer counts down to zero with alarm.

To use the online timer, set the hour, minute and second in the online countdown timer, and click the Start button.


Pre-programmed times

A free online timer with alarm, start/stop/reset and ready-to-use presets. This timer is perfect for classrooms and all activities you need such as sports, cooking, taking tests, etc. The tool is designed with simplicity in mind so you just select your preferred timer and start the countdown. It has the option of full screen, and can be used on large screens.

How to put a countdown timer on mobile screen?

On the website it is possible to install it on the cell phone to use when necessary. After installation it will serve as a Countdown Widget, just access the Online-Timer icon and use the timer.

What is online timer?

Unlike a Stopwatch, a Timer is a clock that counts down from a certain time interval. The online timer can be used to set a maximum or minimum time to perform some activity.

How to put a stopwatch on the PC screen?

Using the website, click on the option to install the application when available. Once installed, double-click the Online-Timer icon to start a desktop countdown.

How does a countdown work?

It works using a unit of time (hours, minutes or seconds) starting counting with the highest number, and decreasing to the lowest number. As an example of a countdown we have the arrival of the new year, where it is common to count starting in the final 10 seconds and celebrating the turn when it reaches zero.

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